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Extra Practice / Build Time Sign Up


  1. Parent mentors are required to attend, and remain, at all extra time with their teams.  There may be little to no support available during extra time.  Teams should come with a plan and strategy for their time.  The regular group build/meeting time is when support is planned to be available to teams - please use this time to strategize how to use any extra build or practice time you have scheduled.

  2. Teams may sign up for ONLY one slot per day (and no more than 50% of the available days) initially.  If slots are still available on the date the extra practice/build time is scheduled, teams may sign up for a second time slot.

  3. If you arrive for your slot, and there are open slots before or after will be allowed to use the field provided you share equally with all teams in the same situation. All teams must work together - and positively support each other!

  4. There will be 2 teams per field for each 30 minute practice slot. These teams need to work TOGETHER to ensure that both are able to have an equal practice experience.  If one of the team requests to have a few minutes on the field alone to practice skills, this should be allowed!

  5. Teams MUST be off the field - with it fully reset - at the scheduled end time.

  6. ALL teams must fully, and correctly, reset the field at the end of the practice time.

  7. Extra practice & build time will remain a privilege - teams that do not follow the 'rules' may lose access to extra practice time! 

  8. Extra time is not a replacement for our regularly scheduled group build/meeting time.  All teams are expected to attend the regular build/meeting time in order to maintain 'extra time' privileges.


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