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BrandywineBOTS is a nonprofit, competitive, youth robotics club setting the standard for offering fun STEM-based opportunities to students of all ages in the Northern Delaware area.  Why do we focus on STEM and robotics for these kids?  Segway founder Dean Kamen said it best in describing robotics as “a sport as exciting as every other - but the only one where every kid on every team has the chance to turn pro.  There is a job out there for every one of these kids."


The biggest difference between robotics and other ‘sports’ is the cost. On average we spend up to $4,000 for every 4-student Engineering Team.  This year we are on track to engage over 100 students in our program.  This is where we are asking for your help!  Please take the time to review our Sponsor Information Brochure below for all the details on what we do, and how you can support these outstanding students in their passion of robotics. 

If you would like to see our kids in action, we would welcome you to visit one of our weekly build sessions to answer all your questions, and let you see first hand how with your support these kids are going to change things in this world!  Just reach out and we can set up a tour for you!


Thank you for the consideration -


Jason Heller, President & Founder                                        


Marco Ciccone, Director of Sponsorship

Sponsorship Brochure

Click below to access our sponsorship brochure

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Current Sponsors
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